Monday, July 7, 2008

Baba said " Once I was Rama and now Meherbaba"
"Now Rama(Baba) in Modern costumes"

Hanuma-"a symbol of valor and victory" is on the palm of the Beloved."Which alludes victory and valor are in the hands of Beloved. If you can hold fast to Bab's hand without hesitation Valor and Victory are yours".

Here Valor means not to fight with others,but to fight with the evils within you. Victory means not a triump on others, but to come out of your weaknesses and evil desires, nevertheless Desires at all. Because "desires are the root cause of our fear and favour" " basis for accumulation of Sanskaras and also for births and re-births"


Remember what Baba said " BE BRAVE IN MY LOVE"
His Love pours "braveness" in us which is different from physical braveness . This braveness" " gives us mental ability, moral strength and helps us to stand still like a rock in all coniditions.
If you go forward one step towards Him-He will be coming ten steps forward towards you. If you really tries to hold His hand (Dhaman)-He catches your hand firmly and will never let loose it. If you really starts loving Him-His divine love showers on you. The ultimate purpose of His love is to dissolve our sanskaras.

Out of His love He create problems to diminish our sanskaras and HE HIMSELF SOLVES THEM TO KEEP US HAPPY.
Remember always the promise of the Beloved "I DARE NOT TO CARE NOT MY LOVERS".That is why He is called " Benevolent Father""Meher Baba".

This is my practical experience since I happened to be in His fold" Jai Baba

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